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270 - Unique on the market

Unique on the market, the 270 is especially enticing because of its spaciousness in less than seven meters (lounge, bathroom, garage, wardrobe) and beds that are amply dimensioned: 90 cm wide and up to two meters long. Preparing the beds is quick and easy: just push a button and the bed descends from the ceiling. Note that each bed has a separate electric motor: passengers can choose the way they want to sleep and their activities.

  • Hideaway twin beds
  • Dressing over garage
  • XL door 600 mm double locking
Technical characteristics

Style and design

6.99 M
6.96 M
The essential

Manual cab air conditioning
Driver and passenger airbag
"Swivel seats in the cab,
with double armrests and adjustable height."
Cab seat covers with matching cushions
Electric de-icing rearview mirrors
Cruise control and speed limiter
Radio DAB/MP3/Bluetooth (Ford)
Integrated DAB antenna
A built-in and insulated unit step
Heating using vehicle fuel digitally programmed and used while on the road (depending on model)
Cab panoramic skylight
Panoramic skylight (or two skylights)
Flyscreen door
TV bracket
Double-locking windows with combined blinds/screens
100% LED lighting inside and outside
USB ports
IRP structure: GRP on roof/floor/sides, Styrofoam insulation, floor 64 mm thick, roof 55 mm thick
Technibox: all-in-one technical area

more features

9-speed automatic gearbox
Polyester side walls “Taupe gray” shade
Coded front bumper
Glossed cab front gril/black bezel lamps (Fiat)
16" alloy wheels (Fiat)
Traction + (Fiat)
Separation curtain cab/cell
Kitchen: Pan drawer, spices rack, bottle rack, bin bag hook, window surround
Extra storages in bathroom (depending on model)
Gas external socket
External shower

more sophistication

6-speed automatic gearbox
Luxury techno trim level dashboard
Automatically lighted headlights and windshield wipers
Fog lamps
Wraparound cab blinds
Luxury entrance door with window and central locking cab/cell
Entrance panel (depending on model)
Premium mattress
Extractor fan skylight in rear bedroom
Kitchen illuminated window surround
Extra LED lighting
Extra set of "ambiance" cushions
Wooden shower duck board
Premium furniture and fabrics
Premium outside decoration

Color range

COSBY (Start Edition & VIP) COSBY (Start Edition & VIP)
Fiat - White Fiat - White
Ford - White Ford - White
ALPHA (Start Edition) ALPHA (Start Edition)

Standard equipment for the 270

  • IRP structure
    IRP structure, a major innovation
  • Water tightness guaranteed for seven years
    Water tightness guaranteed for seven years, with an annual check-up by a certifed network member)
  • Panoramic cab roof
    Panoramic cab roof that opens and comes with a shade and screening. Thermoformed storage space above the cab with LED lighting on each side.
  • Dual USB port
    Dual USB port above the cab for recharging cell phones, tablets, etc.
  • 100% LED lighting
    100% LED lighting inside and outside, for high light yield and recyclable technology
  • Heating that can be used on the road
    Heating that can be used on the road, ideal for your passengers and also very useful for warming the unit before a stop.
  • Built-in LED lighting at foor level
    Built-in LED lighting at foor level to create a soft atmosphere and ensure that it’s easy to move around at night in the living unit.
  • LED lighting on the outside
  • Deluxe door (Premium)
    In addition to a sliding screen panel, our deluxe door includes a window with shade, an inside trash can and two-point safety closing (Premium pack).
  • Screening
  • A built-in step
    and insulated
  • Isofix
    The Isofix system makes it easier to install the car seat and adds a third anchor point to keep your children safe. - As standard on SmartLounge
  • Grade 3
    The highest Insulation level on the market
  • Double glazing windows
    Double glazing windows with resistant and elegant polyurethane, integrating shade (with aluminium coating) and screening
  • Gas external socket (VIP)
  • Premium mattress
    PREMIUM . A COMFORTABLE MATTRESS with a sturdy slatted bed base