The overcab of happiness that nothing can stop!

The CHALLENGER 360 SL was born in 1991 and sold until 1994. It was already an ultra-compact overcab featuring a great deal of standard equipment, including a ladder-gallery and stabilizing jacks. 

We found it again with a bit more than twenty years on the meter and an atmosphere that would make many current models green with envy. A design that hasn''t lost a thing because CHALLENGER rapidly knew how to overcome the traps of facility and concentrated instead on practicality. The result: an overcab with a living area that allows the whole family to travel in remarkable comfort. Wood trim and velvety fabrics add sophisticated touches to the "cocoon" atmosphere. On-the-road handling couldn''t be better and the Peugeot J5 engine in a 2.5 L diesel version powers a camper that can cross Europe with full safety.

Mr. and Mrs. Hay purchased this camper second hand. They forgot exactly when. But they knew immediately that their choice was the right one.  For many years now, winter has been a good time to plan their coming trips. And they have always been full of dreams and ideas for their next vacation. Today, they''re retired and the problem is different. They stay at home in the Ardèche region of France during the summer months but take off as soon as the summer vacationers have gone!

We met them and immediately found common ground in the camper they had purchased and used to visit countries near and far, without having to worry about where they would stop. But when we asked them whether they preferred the camper or their home, it was very difficult to obtain a clear-cut answer! These trips evoke precise memories and Mr. Hay said that they "have memories of all the places we stopped." In addition, the stickers they used to buy are now stored away in a closet and Mrs. Hay added that "there were so many that if we stuck them all on, they would cover all the walls of the camper. Besides, it''s hard to keep them looking their best -- they mustn''t come unglued!"

However, what we did note is that in the absence of any mechanical problems (and they do take very good care of their vehicle), they are ready to leave in September or October for far-away countries, fully secure in the knowledge that they will be able to travel with this camper, which counts more than anything and represents everything, for many years to come. It''s the best way to travel in a personalized area that meets their expectations.

  • Dimensions: 563 x 220 x 295 cm
  • Five passengers on car registration papers / Bedding for five
  • Maximum speed: 145 km/h
  • Insulating laminated wood panels
  • Overcab bedding: 144 x 198 cm
  • Truma 3000 heating from the time
  • 66L refrigerator
Le 1er camping-car Capucine Challenger


Le tour du monde en Challenger