Challenger advantages

Insulated, secured, durable

Effective insulation at the best prices

All our motorhomes offer the same level of insulation, regardless of price.
For fitted vans, Sport Edition finishes provide a high-end insulation design called VPS (Van Protection System)

Tidying away is child's play!

Make the most of every square inch…

For a CHALLENGER, functionality is key and wasting space is unthinkable.

Find low profile EASYBOX or EASYBED designs, or the FLEXBOX converted van design.

Ventilated, lit up

A little technology with a lot of common sense…

In our vans and motorhomes, all our body lighting is 100% LED: a guarantee of energy efficiency and durability.
As for ventilation, we also often offer double ventilation in the bathroom (Skylight + window), which is very popular with our customers…

Easy access

We add little touches that your joints will thank you for…

All our motorhomes are equipped with a built-in step to facilitate entry to the vehicle
All our vans are equipped with an electric step.

Heating when driving

Fuel heating is available in all our vans, low profiles, overcabs and A-class vehicles

Fuel heating is now very popular in the industry, but this was not always the case; CHALLENGER (once again) led the way in this area over 15 years ago.
One of the advantages it offers is that it can heat up your vehicle while you drive, for a more comfortable arrival.

Choose your model

Low profile motorhomes: The right design on the right vehicle

Some motorhome owners consider the model to be the only important factor and give up on their ideal design just because it wasn’t on the right model. This does not happen with Challenger, as all of our low profiles are available with both FIAT and FORD, the 2 largest brands on the market.

Comfort is also strongly affected by quality and bed sizes…

We are renowned for the size of our beds, which are larger than the market standard: For example, in our motorhomes the island bed is 160cm wide, the twin beds are 90cm wide, etc. In our fitted vans we can even offer a 190x190cm fold-down bed!

Controlled ventilation

Ventilating your van or motorhome is the best way to fight humidity and condensation.

This is why CHALLENGER has made sure to include enough windows and skylights, and has ensured they are of sufficient size.

Useful pre-equipement

These pre-equipment items will be highly cost-effective…

In fact, prefitting our motorhomes and vans will make life easier for your local dealership as they prepare your vehicle. As a result, assembly time is reduced and this saving on labour costs is passed down onto you.

Even when sitting down, comfort is key

In both its motorhomes and vans, Challenger believes that it is very important that the cushions are as comfortable when travelling as they are during stopoffs.

Alongside comfort, we use specifically designed foam that reduces sagging over time
We worked with cushion specialists to achieve this, as it is a field that requires a lot of technical knowledge, even if you’ll only notice the results when you sit down…

When it comes to accessories, we go the extra mile

For example, all our motorhomes offer automatic power supply searching in 3-way fridges as standard.
All our vans are also equipped with an exterior awning and solar panel from the entry-level price

Enlightened solutions

CHALLENGER has long chosen to offer 100% LED lighting in its vans (fitted vans) and motorhomes (Low profiles, Overcabs, A-class)

In both bedrooms and lounges, alongside general lighting, it is common to find small reading lights so you can have a moment to yourself…


Compact and Agile

Fitted vans and Vans are exceptionally equipped to ensure the living area is ideal and driving is a comfortable experience