Implantation Day du modèle V114S
Implantation Night du modèle V114S


MINI dimensions, MAXI pleasure!

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The V114S is perfect for going anywhere, anytime, and is adaptable enough to be used for everyday driving. It has everything you need for an outing: kitchen corner, lounge, bathroom with a window and double bed. It’s 5.41 m of pleasure for two. For everyday use, the rear bed can be raised to provide more space and the lounge has two safety belts so that four can travel together.

Technical characteristics

Road Edition Vip

road edition vip

more features

  • Engine 140 HP
  • Electric de-icing rearview mirrors
  • Maxi cab
  • Cab seat covers with matching cushions
  • Heating using vehicle fuel digitally programmed and used while on the road
  • Large sliding kitchen drawers
  • Rear additional storage (depending on model)
  • Wardrobe
  • Flyscreen door
  • Bathroom with window and folding partition (depending on model)
  • Electric step
  • Lighting on the outside
  • VPS insulation
Road Edition Premium

road edition premium

more sophistication

  • Coded front bumper
  • Folding rearview mirrors
  • Day Running Lights LED (DRL)
  • Fog lamps
  • Meters circled in chrome
  • Leather-encased steering wheel and gearshift
  • Wraparound cab blinds
  • Flat windows
  • Bedsystem (depending on model)
  • Extra LED lighting
  • Extra mirror
  • Wooden shower duck board
  • Premium kitchen countertop
  • Premium furniture and fabrics
  • Premium outside decoration

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