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3067GA - All the current trends in a single layout

In addition to 90-centimeter-wide twin beds and a height-adjustable garage, the 3067GA A-Class offers a bathroom with double partitioning (for more room and easier access) and a latest-generation SMARTLOUNGE, a cozy lounge that transforms into two comfortable individual passenger seats when you're on the road. It's the market's most highly perfected system!

Technical characteristics
A-Class 3008

A-Class 3067GA

A-Class 3048XLB
7,47 M

Pack VIP
Manual air-conditioning in cab
Passenger airbag
Cruise control and speed limiter
“Bus”-type electrical rear-view mirrors
Cab shades
Luxury dashboard with aluminum inserts
Meters circled in chrome
Luxury entrance door
Centralized locking for cab and unit
Door screen

Automatic air-conditioning in cab
16’’ Alloy wheels
Leather-encased steering wheel and gearshift

Color range

Orfeo Orfeo
Fiat Fiat
Eris Eris
Pegasi Pegasi
Prestige (Option) Prestige (Option)
Ross Ross

Standard equipment for the 3067GA

  • The Fiat Chassis
    The Fiat Chassis, an essential element for high-quality travel.
  • IRP structure
    IRP structure, a major innovation
  • Water tightness guaranteed for seven years
    Water tightness guaranteed for seven years, with an annual check-up by a certifed network member)
  • Dual USB port
    Dual USB port above the cab for recharging cell phones, tablets, etc.
  • 100% LED lighting
    100% LED lighting inside and outside, for high light yield and recyclable technology
  • Pre-equipped with a TV stand
    Pre-equipped with a TV stand and one or more 220 V/12 V TV-antenna outlets.
  • Ventilator/extractor skylight
    The ventilator/extractor skylight (PREMIUM version) allows extracting stale air and ventilating the inside very quickly.
  • Heating that can be used on the road
    Heating that can be used on the road, ideal for your passengers and also very useful for warming the unit before a stop.
  • Built-in LED lighting at foor level
    Built-in LED lighting at foor level to create a soft atmosphere and ensure that it’s easy to move around at night in the living unit.
  • LED lighting on the outside
  • Screening
  • A built-in step
    and insulated
  • Grade 3
    The highest Insulation level on the market
  • "Bus"-type electrical rear-view mirrors
    VIP Pack
  • Premium mattress
    PREMIUM Pack. A COMFORTABLE MATTRESS with a sturdy slatted bed base
  • Luxury entrance door
    Luxury entrance door, double locking, central locking cab/cell. (VIP Pack)