High-quality bedding

A comfortable mattress with a sturdy slatted bed base

  • All our mattresses are:
    • manufactured in France,
    • specially designed for our motorhomes with high-quality foam.

  • All our mattresses are encased in a drill fabric that is:
    • antibacterial and anti-dust mite (for optimal hygiene)
    • certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (free of substances harmful to health).

  • On Premium models, all our mattresses (for the main bedding) have:
    • high-resilience foam that adapts perfectly to the shape of your body for minimum pressure,
    • a thermal-regulating Thermocool covering for better dissipation of body heat
    • a layer of reinforced wadding for a soft feel and optimal-quality bedding.


Most of our main bedding comes with a sturdy slatted base as a standard feature for greater comfort and ventilation, with a metal frame for better resistance.

For a little nap after lunch or a refreshing night’s sleep: there’s nothing like a good rest before a new hike, a mountain bike circuit or a visit to see the local sites. Stretch out and enjoy - you’re in a Challenger...

Overcab bedding also has special anti-condensation plates and can be raised (to facilitate going back and forth between the unit and the cab), leaving an extra-large 155 cm space!