396 Genesis

391 Cruise Edition 2018


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391 CRUISE EDITION - The motor home with FOUR DOORS ans FOUR CAR SEATS!

The 391 is unique on the market and is designed for four. Four car seats and four access doors ensure comfortable travel. For comfort when you stop, there's an immense U-shaped lounge, two hideaway beds and even a roomy garage hold!

Technical characteristics

Color range

Malaga Malaga
(Fiat) (Fiat)
Anthracite (Fiat - option) Anthracite (Fiat - option)
Elara Elara
Polaris Polaris
Elite (option) Elite (option)

Standard equipment for the 391 CRUISE EDITION

  • IRP structure
    IRP structure, a major innovation
  • Water tightness guaranteed for seven years
    Water tightness guaranteed for seven years, with an annual check-up by a certifed network member)
  • Panoramic cab roof
    Panoramic cab roof that opens and comes with a shade and screening. Thermoformed storage space above the cab with LED lighting on each side.
  • Swivel seats for diver and passengers
    Swivel seats for diver and passengers that are height-adjustable and have covers in the fabric chosen for the living unit (Mageo/Sirius version)
  • Dual USB port
    Dual USB port above the cab for recharging cell phones, tablets, etc.
  • 100% LED lighting inside and outside,
    100% LED lighting inside and outside, for high light yield and recyclable technology
  • Seat belts
    Seat belts corresponding to the number of regulation seats; at least four belts with three points.
  • For greater passenger comfort
    For greater passenger comfort, each road seat is equipped with a height-adjustable headrest.
  • Deluxe door (VIP Mageo pack)
    In addition to a sliding screen panel, our deluxe door includes a window with shade, an inside trash can and two-point safety closing (VIP Mageo pack).