Implantation Day du modèle 3048XLB
Implantation Night du modèle 3048XLB


All the current trends in a single layout

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In addition to a 160-centimeter-wide island bed and a height-adjustable garage, the 3048 A-Class offers a bathroom with double partitioning (for more room and easier access) and a latest-generation SMARTLOUNGE, a cozy lounge that transforms into two comfortable individual passenger seats when you're on the road. It’s the market's most highly perfected system!

Technical characteristics

Premium Line

premium line

Exceptional series

  • Manual cab air conditioning
  • Driver and passenger airbag
  • Swivel seats in the cab,
  • with double armrests and adjustable height
  • Cab seat covers with matching cushions
  • Electric de-icing rearview mirrors
  • Cruise control and speed limiter
  • ESP setup for camping-cars (dynamic trajectory control)
  • Luxury dashboard with aluminum inserts
  • Meters circled in chrome
  • Leather-encased steering wheel and gearshift
  • Wraparound cab blinds
  • Panoramic skylight (or two skylights)
  • Luxury entrance door with window and central locking cab/cell
  • Flyscreen door
  • TV bracket
  • Premium mattress
  • Wooden shower duck board
  • External shower
  • Double-locking windows with combined blinds/screens
  • 100% LED lighting inside and outside
  • USB ports

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