FITTED VAN Fitted vans keep the vehicle's original body. On the outside, they are different from "utilitarian" vans because of a specific inside decoration and additional openings (bay windows, vents, etc.). They also keep the functions specific to campers, such as bedding, kitchen, bathroom (with shower, washbasin and toilet), etc. They are more discreet and often smaller than other campers. They are easier to drive and can be driven and parked more easily inside cities.


Integral Only the Integrals have a shape that is totally different from the shape of the original carrier. They do not keep frame elements from the original vehicle, which provides only the mechanical part. The driver's cab has been "integrated" into the camper. Because of this, they are often more expensive than other campers. As an advantage, they offer ample living space and a panoramic view from the steering wheel.

Low profile

Low profile This is the type of camper most frequently used in Europe. There are two low-profile models: the traditional model, ideal for two people, and the "roof bed" low profile, which is increasingly popular: It offers sleeping space for up to five with a bed that fits into the roof above the lounge area during the day for comfortable living and lowers at night for sleeping. The part above the driver's cab, known as the "cap", is not used for sleeping, but its profile enables better streamlining.


Overcab The "overcab" is the part above the driver's cab containing a double bed. The overcab camper (commonly called an "overcab") is a legendary vehicle which can be immediately recognized by this sleeping area over the cab. It is THE essential family camper, generally featuring between 4 and 7 beddings, spacious living areas and a comfortable inside clearance height.