Standard equipments

Challenger series extras

  • Insulation , protection , long life
  • Storage is child’s play
  • Ventilate, illuminate
  • Easy access
  • Heat while on the road
  • Choose your carrier
  • Designed for your comfort
  • Controlled ventilation
  • Useful pre-equipment
  • When seated, we want comfort
  • Accessories are never an afterthought
  • Enlightened solutions



  • IRP technology: innovating for better travel

We count on fifteen years of experience in using polyester to propose high-quality insulation with greater resistance and superior protection. 

  • Seven-year watertightness warranty...

Because your Challenger motorhome is designed for travel, we know how important it is to ensure high-quality watertightness. The seven-year warranty (with an annual check-up by a certified network member) offers you much more than peace of mind. You are assured of excellent materials and a top-notch manufacturing process. Each model undergoes intensive “torture tests” in a simulator that re-creates the conditions of use in a very hostile environment.

  • 165 dealers are ready to help you with your motorhome

Properly servicing your motorhome means making travel easier for you. This is why the 165 dealers in our network are all skilled specialists in leisure vehicles and Challenger brand enthusiasts.

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  • Transversal hold

With two standard doors (and even three on some models), loading your motorhome is child’s play Bye-bye backache!

  • Lowered hold

Because we’re sure you don’t want to spend time with an osteopath. It’s better for your back and gives you better volume.

  • Chassis extensions in galvanized steel

We owe you much more than comfort: we promise long-lasting use and robustness, too.

  • Hold lighting

Light properly to store properly. At Challenger, user comfort is standard on all lines.



  • SEITZ windows: simply the best choice...

Challenger relies on legendary Seitz windows. They offer the best insulation and are also the easiest to use and safest because they can’t be removed from the outside.

  • Panoramic cab roof that opens

The better to see, the better to breathe. Ventilation is an essential element of comfort and safety. This is why, at Challenger, the panoramic cab roof is never an option. With its partner, Challenger offers you this pleasure and all the vistas it opens up for you.


  •  Get on board effortlessly using our low retractable step

 access is easy and discreet.

  •  Just one key !

No more constraints... forget about pockets full of keys! On Challenger motorhomes, there is just one key to open the unit (door and hatches) and one for the carrier.


  • You won’t be able to do without it

This zero-constraint solution offers everyone irreplaceable comfort. Think about your passengers on the road and about yourself before you stop for the night.

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  • Your trip starts here

Driving comfort, performance and reliability... these are the criteria that guide Challenger in the choice of carrier manufacturer. With an after-sales network dedicated to recreational vehicles and with specific chassis models, Fiat and Ford are the market references. See page 10 to learn more.

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  • We take great care of your sleep
  • Easy Bed, adjustable height and quality at the summit!

Most of our beds over garage holds (except for twin beds) can be height-adjusted over a distance of 30 cm.

  •  Storing is no longer a chore

Most of our beds over a hold can be raised for easier access to the storage areas.

Learn more about high quality bedding


  • Double flow, twice the comfort

You undoubtedly enjoy a hammam, but not in your bathroom. This is why we put an opaque opening window in all our bathrooms and a skylight in the roof.

  • Rigid shower partitions

At Challenger, we don’t confuse motorhome living with camping, so say good-bye to shower curtains. All our shower partitions are rigid and elegant.


  •  Bike carrier adapters are standard

To avoid any risk of infiltration, we prefer to install these bike carrier adapters as a standard feature at the factory to guarantee mounting that complies with our quality criteria.

  • Pre-cabling for a back-up camera

Do you want to install a back-up camera? Our models are pre-cabled to reduce vehicle immobilization time and installation costs.

  • TTV pre-equipment

Whatever the version, all our motorhomes have at least one 230 V/12 V TV-antenna outlet.


  • To guarantee high-quality resilience for back support and firm seating comfort, we pay particular attention to the foam we choose for our cushions.


  • Comfort must be shared by all passengers. This is why each passenger seat is designed with a height-adjustable headrest.


  • Drawers won’t slam shut

Whatever the version line, all our drawers have cushioned closing and latches to avoid accidental opening when you’re on the road.

  • Adjustable living room table

You’ll love our ingenious central table that moves in all directions to facilitate on-board living.

  • A maxi refrigerator is NEVER an option

Since a grocery store is sometimes far away, we include a maxi refrigerator as a standard feature. (Only some of our compact models (less than 6 m) don’t have one, simply because it’s not technically possible to install one).


  • 100% LED lighting on the inside

Savings, long life and top performance are the three reasons why we chose LED lighting.

  • Night lighting

For your safety and a soft atmosphere, we include LED marking on our motorhome floors.